Damp, Rot & Wood Boring Insect Investigations

‘You should instruct a damp and timber treatment contractor to investigate the full extent and carry out
necessary repair work.’

If this sounds familiar you’ve probably been reading a valuation surveyor’s report. Many surveying companies defer judgement on issues such as damp, rot and timber repair to ‘specialists’. In our opinion, this shows a lack of understanding of the issues leading to the damp/rot and the correct techniques for remediation. Furthermore, it negates all risk associated to the surveyor, which is largely why it happens.

Though there are some good damp proofing companies, many have simply attended a 3-day course from bodies such as the Property Care Association (PCA) to become a ‘surveyor’. Conversely, most building surveyors specialising in historic building
repair have undertaken a 3-year undergraduate degree, a post-graduate degree and the arduous task of gaining professional membership.

The surveyor should therefore be the expert, and we are qualified and experienced in undertaking comprehensive investigations into the root cause of decay mechanisms using the correct tools, such as calcium carbide meters and thermal imaging cameras.

Importantly, our advice and recommendations are independent. We have saved our clients tens of thousands of pounds in unnecessary work and are happy to liaise with banks and mortgage providers who accept our proposals.