3D Photogrammetry - St Werburgh's Church

3D Photogrammetry is a relatively new technique which is set to replace 3D scanning and rectified photography for many applications. Using a very clever programme called Agisoft Photoscan we are able to create complete, scaled 3D models of buildings and structures for recording purposes. From these models we can then create a very detailed and scaled ‘orthophoto’ – which can then be imported into design software such as AutoCad.

From this we are able to either trace the orthophoto to produce a line drawing for 2D or 3D AutoCad modelling, without the need for a full measured survey, or use the orthophoto itself onto which repairs can be annotated and measured.

Depending on the subject, we have the capability of using an Unmanned Aviation Vehicle (UAV) more commonly known as a drone – and are fully qualified and insured to do so.

The opposite model is fully interactive, twirl it around and zoom in and out. (Depending on your internet speed and browser, the model could take between 5 – 60 seconds to load. Be patient though, it’s worth it).